Coordinating your group

As a coordinator of a Loomio group you’re responsible for guiding your group through the process of learning how to use a new piece of software, as well as learning new processes for collaborating more effectively and making good decisions together. The tasks outlined below can only be performed by group coordinators.

Adding a cover photo

When you first arrive in your new Loomio group, there will be a randomly selected cover photo, and a placeholder for your group logo. You can customise how your group looks by adding your own cover photo and logo. You can upload a new cover photo or logo by selecting the upload button (camera icon) in either section.

Managing membership

Managing membership page

Group coordinators can add and remove members, and grant and remove coordinator permissions. These actions can be performed from the Members page, which is accessed via the Manage Members link in the Options menu on the Group page.

Adding/removing coordinators

On the Members page, there is a checkbox next to every member. When this checkbox is selected, the member is a coordinator. Deselecting the checkbox removes the coordinator permissions for that member.

Adding/removing group members

On the Members page, next to every member there is a Remove button Remove member button. This button removes the member from your group.

Accepting/ignoring membership requests

If your group privacy settings allow people to join your group By request, a coordinator will need to approve each membership request. Group coordinators will receive an email each time there is a new membership request. The link in the notification email will take you to the Membership requests page, where you can approve or decline the request.

If there is a pending membership request it will also be visible on your group page in a Membership requests panel.

Deactivating/archiving a group

Deactivating your group means that you and the rest of the group members will no longer be able to access the group. If you wish to deactivate your group you can do so by selecting Deactivate Group from the Options menu on the group page. To reactivate your deactivated group, contact the Loomio team by sending an email to

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