Getting started

first interface image

  1. select expiration
  2. see your previous drops with this browser
  3. link to expiration delays
  4. click here if you want to delete your file at first download
  5. drop zone

uploaded files image

  1. download file button
  2. copy to clipboard button
  3. send by email button
  4. delete your file button

Once your file is in Framadrop, you can send the link by email to the recipients of your choice. To do so, click on Send all links by email or on the icon (see 3 in the image above).

You then arrive on the personalization interface where you can:

  • indicate the recipient addresses in the field Comma-separated email addresses ; you can put only one address (without commas at the end) or several (separated by commas :,,
  • indicate a subject in Email subject
  • customize the body of the mail by removing what you do not need

To send:

  • Send with this server: send directly from your browser
  • Send with your own mail software: send using Thunderbird or Outlook and so

email interface

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