Your user profile

Your profile page lets you customise your Loomio identity. To visit your profile page select the Edit profile option in the sidebar.

Opening user profile animation

Updating your personal settings

You can update the name, username, email address and language settings associated with your account by editing the corresponding fields on your profile page, and clicking Update profile.

Uploading a profile photo

When you first create a Loomio account, your initials will be the default image associated with your profile. You can upload a profile photo by clicking Change picture in the Picture section of your profile page. If you have a Gravatar you can set that as your profile picture by selecting Use Gravatar.

Language settings

Loomio is available in many languages. It will detect your browser’s language settings, or you can manually set your preferred language by visiting your profile page and selecting your language from the Language dropdown.


Your username is the name people will use to mention (@mention you in comments. You can change your username by editing the Username field on your profile page and clicking Update profile.

Changing your password

If you are logged in to Loomio you can change your password by visiting your profile page and clicking Change your password. If you are logged out then you can visit the Forgot your password? page.

Deactivating your account

If you are not the sole coordinator of any groups you can deactivate your account by visiting your profile page and clicking Deactivate account. If you are the sole coordinator of a group you will be prevented from deactivating your account until you’ve appointed another group coordinator, or archived the group.

Once your account has been deactivated:

  • you will no longer be listed as a member of any groups
  • comments, proposals and discussions you’ve made will remain but your name will be removed from them
  • you will no longer receive Loomio-related emails
  • you will need to contact us to reactivate your account

Reactivating your account

To reactivate a deactivated account, contact the Loomio team.

Leaving a group

Group options dropdown menu

If you are not the sole coordinator of a group then you can leave the group by selecting Leave Group from the Options menu on the group page. If you are the sole coordinator of your group, you will be prevented from leaving until you appoint another coordinator or deactivate the group.

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