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A comprehensive guide to using the Loomio software application.

What is Loomio?

Loomio is a simple, user-friendly online tool for collaborative decision-making. Loomio lets you host discussions online, invite the right people to participate, come to timely decisions and transform deliberation into real-world action.

How Loomio works

  • Start a group to collaborate with people on Loomio

  • Invite people into your group

  • Start a discussion on any topic

  • Make a proposal to see how everyone feels about a particular course of action

  • Decide together - anyone can agree, abstain, disagree, or block – so you can see how everyone feels about the proposal.

Check out this video for a quick demonstration of how to use Loomio.

Loomio School

Interested in more of a social/culture how-to resource? For help with facilitation, building collaborative culture, training material, case studies and stories, check out Loomio School.

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